What We Support

The LGBTQI+ community, Black Lives Matter, #StopAsianHate, pro-choice for anyone with a uterus, size inclusivity, animal rights, defunding the police, abolishing ICE, gun control, support for mental illness, support for the homeless, slow-fashion & sustainability, and taxing the rich.

Who I Am

Cease to Exist was founded by me, Monica Bagan! I'm from Fullerton, California and during the good ol' pandemic, I had a lot of time to think about the things I really love; art & graphic design, heavy metal & live music, tattoos & piercings, cats & bats, and pilates & weightlifting.

I saw that there wasn't a lot of workout gear designed for me that wasn't super Halloween-y or cartoon-y. I wanted to express my dark side but in a subtle, you-have-to-look-twice kind of way. I have pulled elements and inspiration from my favorite tattoos, decor and artists to create these collections of alternative athletic apparel.

Also, I don't just want my brand to sell workout wear, I want it to be a lifestyle brand. I have worked with some of the top fitness trainers to help me create workout videos for all levels of fitness to music influenced and defined by the alternative subcultures.

Thank you for supporting my dream to be an independent business owner - it means the world to me!

-Monica Bagan

Left: Fann Geoghegan of Scarlet Siren & Right: Monica Bagan, Owner/Creator of Cease to Exist